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The Curious Case of Ray Gricar

I hate to admit it, but I am fascinated by the disappearance of former District Attorney Ray Gricar.

Why? Well, I used to live in State College, and I suppose that’s part of it even though I only lived in the area until 1999. But the main reason I’m fascinated is because I’m a writer. The circumstances surrounding his disappearance are so mysterious and complex that I don’t believe I could have constructed such a plot.

Here is a rundown of the theories on what happened to him:

He faked his death and went on the run.

He was murdered by the mob/drug dealers.

He committed suicide.

He was a special agent.

He went into some sort of witness protection.

He was murdered by people involved with the Sandusky scandal.

There are some strange things about this case. First, the body was never found. Second, his computer’s hard drive was wiped and the computer was later found in the Susquehanna river. Third, there were cigarette ashes in his car, and he did not smoke. Fourth, Gricar did not prosecute Sandusky in 1998. Fifth, the local police didn’t do all that much of a search after he disappeared.

Ok. So the body was never found. While some people have theorized that he committed suicide, unless he did that and buried himself afterwards, I believe that his body would have been found eventually. So maybe he was murdered and his body was disposed of in a way that it would never be found. Or maybe his body was never found because it is still alive somewhere, sipping pina coladas in Mexico or some suburb in Ohio.

The computer is the truly odd thing about this case. Let’s say that he was planning on going on the run (from the mob or whomever), why wipe his computer hard drive? Why not just take the computer with him? Some people have theorized that he wiped the drive because there were naughty things on there, but I don’t believe it. If Gricar was searching for naughty, illegal things online, these searches could have been traced. If he wanted to disappear, why not just toss his computer into a garbage bag and into a dumpster somewhere in Kansas if he wanted to get rid of it for one reason or another?

Somebody wanted to wipe the drive on Gricar’s computer, and I don’t believe it was Gricar. But the searches for how to wipe a drive took place at his house. Interesting. But maybe it wasn’t Gricar who did that search. Maybe it was his murderer who did that search.

Let’s paint this scenario. Let’s pretend that Gricar hears a knock at the door on the morning of his disappearance. Since there do not seem to be reports of forced entry at his home, let’s assume that this person is someone who knows.

He trusts them.

He trusts them because the person is perhaps a police officer…

This person incapacitates Gricar (a taser? no reports of blood or struggle at his home…). Police are trained to restrain people and they carry tasers and handcuffs and all that handy stuff with them. Maybe after he is restrained, another person comes in to finish the act and take care of disposing of the body. There can’t be too much unaccounted for time for whoever might have known Gricar enough to get him to open the door.

A mob hit man (in the mind of a writer) probably would have just shot him and left him there. And if they wanted the computer, they’d just take it with him. A mob hit man also wouldn’t have any reason to believe that critical information regarding a case of theirs was only on his computer.

So why search on the computer at his home? Because there is something on that computer that is very, very delicate information and it isn’t enough to just destroy the computer.

Information that is so delicate that he wouldn’t have backed-up this information at his workplace because if that information got out it might cause a major scandal.

But Gricar investigates quietly because he is a straight-shooter. Maybe he tells one or two other trusted people on the staff, people who knew something about the case.

But it gets back to the people/person who are/is being investigated that the District Attorney is compiling some rather damning evidence. And somebody knows that this information is ONLY on his computer. Who else would know this but someone close to him? Someone he trusted enough to let into his house.

I’d never assert that a cop killed him since of course there are no such things as dirty cops. I mean, all that hearsay about the cops in State College escorting the drug shipments into town was just, well, hearsay.

But if there were some dirty cops and Gricar was doing some sort of internal investigation, well, that might be a good reason to murder someone. And that might be a reason why Gricar never saved any of those important, mysterious documents in the police station.

Or, perhaps Gricar was investigating some charges against a well-respected man and somehow this got back to the guy who is being investigated because, I don’t know, one of the cops is the guy’s buddy or neighbor or something. But stuff like that only happens in fiction! Since who in town would have the money it would take to get a cop to do something so gruesome?

But if I were an investigator, I might look into why the police didn’t investigate the case all that deeply. That’s kind of odd, don’t you think? Gricar was a well-respected man who by all accounts doled out justice evenly and blindly. If I were an investigator, I would follow the money. Maybe there were some large purchases or large transfers from accounts during this time period.

I don’t believe we’ll ever find out what happened to Ray Gricar. I believe that there are people still alive who know what happened to him, but as recent events in State College have taught us, people in the area can be very good at keeping their mouths shut when they have a good reason.

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What Really Happened to Ray Gricar (back by popular demand)

Now, I’m a fiction writer. And so what you are going to read is fiction (ahem), total make-believe stuff…

But this is what really happened to Ray Gricar…

So, in case you didn’t know, Ray Gricar was a District Attorney in Pennsylvania. I went to college at a place called Penn State, and I knew who Gricar was. I never met the man, but I heard from my friends that he liked to get the maximum for drug charges, so they didn’t like him.

You also might have heard about a scandal at Penn State involving important people and sex and kids, or maybe you were busy the last few months looking the other way.

But let’s pretend…

Since the thing that law enforcement so often lacks is imagination…

One thing about that pesky investigation, and that sickening Grand Jury report, is that it describes this assistant coach witnessing an anal rape of a boy, approximately 10-years-old, in the shower. The only reason we know about this boy is that this coach had to testify about it. I’d like to just state for the record here that this man, McQueary, is a really great example of the deeply moral character that was instilled into PSU football players, but that’s a different story. I digress.

So this kid never came forward. At least, he isn’t listed in the Grand Jury report as one of the victims.

He never came forward that we know of.

Let’s say that his poor kid tells his mom about what happened in 2002. The woman decides not to go to the Penn State police (since who would trust those sorry fucks!) and goes right to Mr. Gricar. The kid tells him what happened.

Yes, sir, I was being raped in the shower by Sandusky and that assistant coach walked in. McQueary. He saw what happened.

Did he stop it?

No, sir, he didn’t.

Gricar, knowing that this is a powder keg, starts asking questions, does a little private investigating. These are high profile men, and you don’t want rumors flying around.

So he sets up a meeting with Graham Spanier, whose name is on my diploma. He didn’t actually sign it. It’s some kind of stamp or something. All that money to Penn State and I can’t even get a real fucking signature.

Gricar says, So Graham, I have a delicate matter to discuss with you. You see, this young boy came to my office and said that he got raped by Jerry Sandusky in the Penn State shower. He said that one of the other coaches walked in while it was happening and didn’t do anything. I even talked to Mr. McQueary about this, and he said that he talked to Paterno and Curley and Schultz about this (which is why McQueary said that he did talk to police. He talked to Gricar but he doesn’t want to end up MIA). Were you ever told about this?

Mr. Spanier says, Why no, Mr. Gricar, I had no idea. This is quite an allegation. We would never let that occur here at our prestigious university. I mean, we bleed blue and white of course but not out of our assholes! I’m sure you understand that this is a very sensitive matter. Have you discussed this with many other people?

Gricar, as he taps his head: Mr. Spanier, I have everything up here, then Gricar taps his laptop, and in here.

Spanier smiles and silently laughs muhahaha.

Mr. Gricar, I promise I will look into this with Godspeed and get back to you.

So Spanier calls Curley and Schultz and Paterno into his office. Or maybe they go to that park near where Paterno lives and sit on the swingset and smoke cigars.

Spanier says: The gig is up my friends. The DA is investigating us. That kid in the shower told him what happened. He even talked to McQueary.

Curley starts to cry. Schultz pees his pants. Now they are going to have to stick to their stories like they practiced, just say that McQueary didn’t tell them anything, that he just said that it was horsing around.

Gosh, they didn’t want this to happen. When they were told about that kid getting raped in the shower in 2002, they were just trying to protect the university. There were those charges in 1998 against Sandusky, and sure he wasn’t charged with anything, but boy, if people find out that Sandusky was once investigated for child molestation, and here Penn State is letting him back on campus with little kids, and now he fucked one in the shower, boy, that will be hard to explain. Hard to justify that they didn’t have some kind of oversight. There are reputations to protect.

Schultz asks: Who else is involved in this investigation Grahamy?

Just Ray.

A voice pipes up. It’s almost angelic (or demonic). It’s hard to tell really.

I’ll take care of it boys. Who is your most trusted cop on staff Mr. Curley?

Flash forward to a laptop getting tossed off of a bridge. You see, there is a funny thing about that bridge. I know that bridge. My husband grew up really close to that bridge, and it isn’t the kind of bridge that you just stop on. That would get a lot of attention. People might notice a license plate or something. And then, nowadays, there are cameras EVERYWHERE.

But there is one kind of car that can stop on a bridge, or anywhere else for that matter, and not get noticed. It has flashing lights at the top and a really cool siren.

And this is a funny story, too, and I’m sure it isn’t true, since it was told to me by a couple guys who were really into drugs, I mean like dealing lots and lots of drugs, about how they knew about a shipment of drugs that was coming into State College. They knew it was coming in a big truck late at night, so they waited on College Avenue to watch it come into town.

And it did come into town, escorted by police cars.

But those guys were totally not trustworthy, and you should never believe a writer anyway.

So someone who believed in weird conspiracies might think that maybe a cop got put up to do some dirty work, and maybe that’s why none of the police departments around there really investigated when Gricar disappeared. Maybe somebody important knew about their fun police escorts late at night and gave them an ultimatum. Maybe they knocked right on Gricar’s door, and he let them in.

And this poor kid. Maybe he saw what happened and left town with his mom.

Maybe this is all bullshit.

I mean, these guys are totally innocent.

I think.

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