M. Jarrett Wilson grew up in Pennsylvania and now lives in Vermont.

She is the author of Edge Play X.



2 thoughts on “About

  1. Okay….I have won critique of your recent blog of “how to spot” fake reviews.
    I for one, have recently published a novella. I have about, oh, 7-10, reviews by people who I barely know and a couple by people I know, who actually bought the book and read it. They left, what I felt to be, very generic “we like it” reviews. I’d prefer more examples of “why” they liked it or what specific parts they liked, but so be it. We write. Many of them, just read, and it isn’t in their scope to write 300-word reviews. That being said, I am well aware of these bots used to post fakies. But don’t you feel that this theory should be tempered a bit since some of us just can’t control any of this stuff? Heck someone told me how to push up my sales by buying my own book. Um, no. I do things on the up-and-up like many others. Just a thought. But, hey great blogs!

  2. OH, and I said “won” on purpose….hope you catch why.
    It was a compliment actually….

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